Prime West develops signature buildings across Colorado

Our personalized approach has made Prime West a leading developer for nearly forty years. We oversee the entire development and acquisition process with the goal of delivering optimal results for all stakeholders. This includes:

  • Site selection, due diligence and acquisition
  • Leading teams of designers, engineers and construction professionals
  • Securing entitlements and approvals
  • Engaging with local neighborhoods to identify community needs and objectives
  • Capital formation

All the services we provide create projects that outperform expectations.

7 million
Square feet developed in Colorado
$1.5 billion
Total capitalization
Number of developments


At Prime West, you’re a trusted client and partner for years to come

As Owner/Developer

Development is full of opportunity, but it can have its challenges. From day one, building strong relationships with our clients is our priority. Consistent communication, transparency and open book policies guarantee you’ll enjoy the process with Prime West from conception through completion and stabilization.

Working actively as the project’s Sponsor, we oversee the entire development process from start to finish. By working collaboratively with all team members through the development process, we increase reliability and reduce costs.

As Build-to-Suit

If you’re looking for a personalized, hands-on approach to developing your project, Prime West is the developer of choice.

Prime West's build-to-suit services will deliver exactly what you’re looking for. These projects are highly customized, and the process is tailored to your specifications. Prime West's focus is to provide specialized solutions for each client, using our expertise to guide through the process from the initial concept through occupancy.

Why Prime West?

Prime West has developed over 7 million square feet of commercial real estate

Using our extensive knowledge of the most up-to-date building systems, including energy-efficient and sustainable solutions with a long-term outlook, we are able to consistently provide our clients with the most cost-effective, functional and state of the art building solutions.

Our local knowledge is paramount to keeping projects moving forward and on track. Prime West’s personalized touch and over 100 years of combined experience by the leadership team make us the premier Colorado developer.

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